quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

The MiBR made a great campaign in ESL but ended up losing in the finals for the SK Gaming team of 16 to 3 and then from 21 to 18.
That was the reestréia the clan after 5 months alternating their players and surprised many people because at first stage defeated the current champions of the ESWC, the clan MYM. Check out the final classification:

1. SK Gaming - $ 25,000
2. mibr - $ 10,000
3. Evil Genius - $ 6.000
4. MYM - $ 4.000
5-6. Paragon of Virtue - $ 2.500
5-6. Gameplay - $ 2.500
7-8. fnatic
7-8. x3o

Source: MiBR

Result of promotion
By: Flash - 04/10/2008

We received over 600 e-mails and more than 900 pictures, all of them were seen by our team of the forum. The best were selected and was again made a selection for the 3 just got better. Below the picture winners:

Alan Michel

Junior Luis

Murilo César

Unfortunately they are only 3 people that won the stems, but do not be upset because it was very difficult to select the best among other images.

Soon we will have more promotions, 1st day of November the site is 1 year of existence and are preparing several new features for you.

So, stay connected.

Buy now your Steam: www.steambr.com

CS Online Zombie Addons - Gold Edition
By: Flash - 27/09/2008

Our addon's Zombie Mod has been updated, now is a super package with maps, skins, plugins updated and much more.
It is natural that his size has increased, but their duties were. Good for you install on your server online, everyone will enjoy.

To download simply click on the left menu in "Addons CS 1.6," or click here.

Promotion: Top 3 screenshot
By: Flash - 30/08/2008

New addon: CS Online Death Match
By: Flash - 15/08/2008

More a new addon CS Online, this time the plugin is the main Death Match. For those who do not know, this is one plugin that makes you relive immediately at the time you die, so that you will not be stopped by any time.

Install this addon on your server, you will not regret.

To download simply click on the left menu in "Addons CS 1.6," or click here.

A BUG please contact and report please.

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